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The Greatest Story Ever Told

This may or may not be the greatest thing that ever happened:


I ran into 2 acquaintances tonight. They usually party with a 3rd guy so I asked where he was. They look at each other with idiotic grins and start laughing. Apparently they were at the Cotton Club last night (a strip bar) and the 3rd guy was getting lapdances…for 2 hours straight.

Now it’s like 20 bucks a song (uhhh not that I’d know…) and he was blasted out of his mind. So after 2 hours of drinking and getting felt up by a stripper, the girl finally goes “that’ll be 1000 dollars please.”

Let that sink in before you read on.

Anyway, at this point he’s too drunk to stand so he does the next best thing. He GIVES HIS BANK CARD AND PIN NUMBER TO THE STRIPPER and tells her to take out whatever he owes. Always a good idea.

Now that would be a pretty good story even if it ended there. Fortunately for all of us, it does not. See, he’s actually here in town on a business trip. The reason he wasn’t out tonight is because he’s in his hotel, trying to think of the best way to explain all that to his wife…

…who’s home in Halifax, 7 months pregnant.