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The Complete – Run

New Video! Directed by frequent The Complete collaborator Jordan Barnes-Crouse.

Picture below is actually Jordan Barnes-Crouse:














Watch Kevin’s ugly mug roam the streets of Vancouver in The Complete’s newest music video!

How to be a Rockstar: 21st Century Edition

How to be a Rock Star: 21st Century edition

-You won’t get super-rich. Musicians don’t have fuck-you money, bankers do. Accept this.

-If you want a long career, don’t take the record deal. Everything they say they can do for you, you can do yourself. Taking the deal means they MIGHT help with some of the back end workload, but know that you’re an employee and you’re gonna get screwed.

-If you take do the deal, expect the label to take a cut from everything. Music sales, licensing, merch, ticket revenue, etc. Van Halen got home from their first world tour and owed a million dollars to their label. Lady Gaga finished the Monster Ball Tour and owed 3 mil.

-Build a fanbase and connect with them. They are real people, not faceless masses.

-Paying for fake twitter/facebook followers is stupid, those aren’t real people and they won’t come to your shows. Check this out – (link via Bob Lefsetz’s twitter)

-Don’t ignore tweets/shoutouts/YouTube clips/etc from fans. Even Nickelback occasionally tweet back to their fans.

-Think you can party like a rockstar forever? You can’t. I tried.

-You are not Keith Richards.

-Love what you do or don’t do it. Rock and roll kills people.

-Learn, learn, learn. Always learn. Think you’re an expert or a genius? Then you aren’t. Jimi Hendrix said he can learn something from any and all guitarists.

-Don’t be stupid with money. Keep track of it. Don’t let it be smoked/drunk/sniffed away.

-Run the band like a business. It is one.

-Choose your employees wisely. You are your team. Make sure they’re happy.

-Nobody is coming to pluck you out of obscurity and make you a star. How many successful American Idol contestants can you name? 4 or 5 maybe? You need to bootstrap your own way up.

-There will never be another Thriller.

-Don’t look like shit.

-Don’t sound like shit.

-Don’t be a twat. We’re all in this together.