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Music Nerd Post

Music Nerd Post:

I’ve been working on a new song for The Complete for the last few weeks and it has a piano part. Since my piano doesn’t sound that great, I was gonna use a software piano in my DAW. So I played the part and noticed a problem – all the notes were coming out the same velocity. That’s not what I wanted (there’s a big crescendo) so I played it again. Same frigging thing.


So I dug out the manual for the plug in synthesizer. Couldn’t find anything like this in the troubleshooting section. Googled the problem but couldn’t quite seem to find anyone else having this issue. Of course this would only happen to me. I ended up going into the synth and picking the damn thing apart piece by piece (onscreen), trying to see what the hell I was doing wrong. And I couldn’t find it.

Shite. What now? Well, I kind of put off dealing with it ever since. I tracked all the vocals, overdubbed the verse guitar parts, started a rough mix, generally just wasted time while I avoided dealing with the piano. I finally got to the point where I couldn’t put it off anymore, or I’d just be going around in circles.

So I fire it up today and start messing with it. What could it be? It’s almost like there’s a compress…A-HA – GOTCHA YOU ROTTEN CUNT. When I opened the piano, the DAW itself stuck a compressor on it. I deleted that shit and VOILA – dynamics galore.

Kevin 1, Universe 0.