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Next Thing I Know

This song is the b-side from Fly Away.

Download it for free here.

Fly Away

The Complete releases a new song/video every 6-8 weeks, and today is the day:


You can also download Fly Away for free right here: Fly Away download link.

UPDATE Sept 20, 2012

My pretties!

So last week MTV put a profile for The Complete on their website. Pretty cool huh? It doesn’t do anything (like tell jokes or anything), but it makes me look a little more legit I suppose. Now when I’m talking to girls I can be all “so did you see my artist profile on MTV?” and they’ll be all “Let’s make out.”


A music store in St. John’s was having a clearance sale this week so naturally I was down there, sniffing out deals. The place was pretty much picked clean but they had a rad Egnater guitar amp for dirrrrrt cheap. I said YOU ARE COMING HOME WITH ME and it did. We are now bff’s:

If it had a sense of humour and a vagina I’d marry it.


In actual band news, the next song is tracked and (almost) mixed. It is called Fly Away and it’s faster and more rockin’ than Hey You. Goes in for mastering on Monday and I’m filming a video for it tomorrow. WOO.

I’ve seen some of the footage from the music video for Run that we filmed earlier this year. It. Is. Stunning. Run was done with a film crew and stuff so it’ll take longer for it to come out but the wait will be worth it. I basically crapped my pants at the picture quality.


I had a party on the weekend and wanted to do something cool. Lucky for me I found THIS:











A friggin’ Transformer pinata. Tough as Optimus Prime is though, turns out he’s no match for a Louisville Slugger.











Alright mateys, back to work. I’ve gotta finish that mix.