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The Complete – Good Enough For You

got asked to contribute music to the short film Ghost Can. this plays over the end credits:

The Complete – Tell Me I’m Pretty

The Complete’s new song is here!

Filming “Run”

(*note-“Run” was filmed in the winter of 2012. This post was written back then, hence the out-of-date Walking Dead references)


22 Feb 2012


Last week I flew to Vancouver to film a video for “Run” (which you can download for free by clicking here), and I am STILL TOTALLY JETLAGGED. That’s the other side of the continent from where I am now. I think it’s tomorrow there already or something. I’m also running on no sleep at the moment because I was an extra in a short film last night and didn’t get home ’til late and had to get up early and bla bla bla CAFFEINE.

Anyway the video is going to look AWESOME. We filmed a bunch of it in my Vancouver apartment and then we branched out for some “guerilla” video shooting. One shot involved me standing in the middle of Main Street totally motionless for 15 minutes while trying not to laugh at the faces people were giving me as they walked by. I guess Vancouver is no stranger to seeing film crews all over the place.

Shot some of the b-roll on the fly, just out and about. We then randomly run into a friend of the director who offers us the roof of his art gallery (a former crack house apparently) to shoot on. Upon viewing the roof at said former crack house we took a vote. No one on the crew wanted to climb off the balcony and up onto the roof.

Except the director, Jordan Barnes-Crouse:

(don’t try this at home)

not pictured: the 3 story drop onto the pointy fence below.

Here I am in makeup:

And here I am before filming started:

SPEAKING OF POINTY FENCE…did anyone watch The Walking Dead this weekend? The last 2 episodes totally made up for the slow 2nd season, says I.

That was off topic.

Anyway the shoot took a couple days and went really well. It’ll premiere in about 2 months.

Before that of course, theres’ the matter of ANOTHER video.…already filmed…almost ready to go…and called “Dream”.

Stay tuned.


So yeah, since I wrote that post “Dream” has come out and is awesome.
Also, “Run” is awesome.
And as for the Walking Dead, I have since given up on it.
Talk soon!

The Complete – Run

New Video! Directed by frequent The Complete collaborator Jordan Barnes-Crouse.

Picture below is actually Jordan Barnes-Crouse: