Misfits, Japandroids and moi.

I played bass (incognito) at a Misfits cover show this past Friday. I’ve basically only been in the studio for the past while, so it was fun to get back out on the boards.

...and wear rad facepaint.

…and wear rad facepaint (me on left)


-going onstage at 2am means everyone’s loaded.

-everyone being loaded means it doesn’t matter if we’re great or we suck…they’re gonna love those old Misfits’ tunes either way.

-I put a lot of thought into my bass sound for the evening. Brought my high quality instrument and rig. Show up, the sound guy says I have to plug into the on-stage rig as it’s already set up to go. The lesson for Kevin: be adaptable.

-at 2am no one wants to wait for me to poke around, setting up gear for half an hour. They want us to plug and play. Point taken.

-working under crappy sound conditions means you’ve gotta keep eye contact with the other players. Couldn’t hear the bass drum but needed to lock with it. Next best thing was keeping my eyes glued to the drum itself. You gotta do what you gotta do!

I also saw Japandroids last week. Check out this rad shot I took:
better him than me.

better him than me.

I was trying to get my friends attention during their set so I waved my hand at him…and smoked some guy right in the face. He was cool about it, he was trying to get to the can and walked in my peripheral vision as soon as I waved my hand. I felt bad though man. My friend almost peed his pants laughing.
Anyhoo, The Complete is in the studio for the next 3 months and at the beginning of a long and tightly packed production schedule. Management has all these deadlines and charts and emails and stuff and I’m just like “I need to pee.”

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Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

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