What I’ve Been Up To Lately

So I was in Ottawa for a wedding last week, my version of a vacation.

And I got to drive a Bentley! Which model? Who cares? Don’t ask me shit like that, I have no idea. The one with a steering wheel and seats. Oh and butt massagers. It belonged to a family friend who offered it as the wedding car.

Let me just say: the thing was a race car with comfy seats. I left the wedding (with bride and groom in tow), drove it in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, and could barely keep the damned thing on the road. I was thinking “man, the speed limit here is too high. You can’t do 60 and expect to not to hit the sidewalk.” Only later did I realize it was an American car and I was doing 60 miles an hour in a 60KPH zone. Here’s me, frigging flying past the redcoats who guard the Governor General’s house, cop cars all over the neighbourhood. The bride goes “um, Kevin…I keep hitting my head on the window.”

I can’t believe I didn’t get a shitknocking from the cops.

Yeah this is awesome.

This is how I roll.










After we had the pictures done I took it back into the downtown core, which was an exercise in caution. There was no way I’m paying for repairs because I plowed it through a phonebooth or something (which actually still exist in Ottawa).

Anyway the moral of the story is the Bentley was fucking awesome.

Onto more music-y things, I’ve started learning photoshop. I wanted to start doing my own artwork for iTunes and albums and junk. I just find it so much faster and easier to do that crap myself. That’s why I prefer working alone in the studio. It’s quicker to play it myself than to teach someone the parts, have them argue about the tone, have their phone going off, yadda yadda yadda pain in the ass no thanks.

Anyway here’s the new cover photo on The Complete’s Facebook page (which is a modified version of the upcoming “Tomorrow” artwork).

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 5.43.53 PM







Hey, when you’re an independent musician you get total control over things like that. Might as well own it.

Here’s to DIY!

Oh yeah, so after I got back from the mainland I took 2 weeks off from the gym… and let me just say, I feel like a hooker after the navy left. I’d been pretty good for most of the year about staying in shape and I just wanted to pig out and be lazy for a couple of weeks. Not gonna lie, it was awesome at first…until the gut rumbling began. So le sigh, it’s been fun chocolate bars…but you give me the unholy shits.

Talk soon,


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