A Snapshot of This Week

The Complete has a new song. I’m proud of it, it kicks ass:

I shot a video for it last week, currently editing it. I’m trying to increase the pace of releasing songs and videos, but editing video takes forever. I need to upgrade from iMovie to something better. Anyone use AfterEffects or FinalCut Pro? Any suggestions?


I emceed a friend’s wedding this weekend. I wrote out all this stuff to say but ended up just winging it. Things changed fast, people threw new information at me even as I stood at the podium so I’m glad I wasn’t trying to stick to a script. The photographer said I did a good job because I didn’t start off by saying “Now, I’m not very good at this but….”. People saying that shit before they say or do something gives me haemorrhoids. (Take note, open-mic-musicians).

Luckily, no haemorrhoids.

Lookout bridesmaids.












On my way to take a whiz some SUPER drunk girl put her two hands on my face and tried to jam her tongue down my throat. Surprisingly not awesome, she might have had better luck with “hello”.


Got my Superman tickets for tonight! I didn’t see the last one with Brandon Routh…or the first one with the poor bastard who later fell off his horse so I have no expectations either way. But hey, Chris Nolan is producing it so IT BETTER BE GOOD OR I’M PEEING IN SOMEONE’S SHOES.


Been trying to improve my photography lately, thinking about getting a ring flash. I figured before I drop 500 bucks on one though, I’d slap together a DIY version and see what kind of results I can get out of it.

Basically I cut up a water jug, like all the pros do.

Basically I cut up a water jug, like all the pros do.












Update: this is a diffuser, not a ring flash. It made everything yellow…perhaps I should have washed it first.


I think I’m gonna eventually hire a few people. Doing everything myself allows total control, but man…I have no social life. Things would be a lot simpler if I had a good studio engineer and someone to edit those dang videos. I’m getting better at the latter, and I like it but holy crap it’s just taking up so much of my week.


Anyone hear any good new music lately?

Besides The Complete, of course. 😉

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About Kevin Williams

Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

2 responses to “A Snapshot of This Week”

  1. Jayson says :

    You can get a final cut trial if you want to try it: https://www.apple.com/ca/finalcutpro/trial/

    Good music: Purson’s new album (The Circle and the Blue Door), Dark Throne’s new album (The Underground Resistance), Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats (Bloodlust and Mind Control)


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