The Filming of “Next Thing I Know”

Ok, so this video was super easy to make. Have a look:

How I did it:

I used the following materials:

Canon Rebel t3i, camera tripod, whiteboard, black dry erase marker, laptop (in this case, my Mac).

I put the whiteboard flat down on an electric piano stand, but a table would have worked fine. Then I set the camera on the tripod as high as it would go, and angled the lens down as flat as I could get it so that most of the board is in view. I sat on the other side of the board from the camera so that I wouldn’t bump the legs all the time and ruin the takes (this made all the shots look upside down, but was an easy fix in post-production).

Since I wanted to be able to trigger the camera from my sitting position, I set the lens to manual focus, got it where I wanted it, and used the wireless remote to stop and start the takes. Once I got the camera in focus and at the right height and everything, I made sure not to touch it or the tripod until I was finished (in order to maintain consistency between all the different takes.)

Next, I hit record and wrote out the lyrics. This actually took forevvvvvvvvvver, and I had to stop and start again any time I made a mistake (which was often enough). A few times I had to stop filming and dump the memory card into the computer, as my card is not really big enough to shoot a lot of HD video (note to self: buy a bigger card).

Once I got all the lyrics and the little drawings and stuff, I migrated my ass over to the laptop and called up iMovie (yes iMovie, big whoop-wanna fight about it?). In there I flipped all the takes so that they were no longer upside down, and removed all the marker-clisound from them. The longest part of the whole process was picking out the best takes and then trying to match them up so that they’d scroll out in time with the song.

In order to do that I had to mess with speed of the clips. Some of them were doubled in speed, others quadrupled and some are even faster. A few times I had to let the clip double back over itself (so that it looks like my hand writes the same word twice [ex at 1m 22sec]) in order to get it to fit. It was a compromise, but it worked.

Anyway, I’m pleased with how it turned out. The editing experience I got from Next Thing I Know is gonna come in handy when I put the next video together…this weekend.

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2 responses to “The Filming of “Next Thing I Know””

  1. Marcela Cava Balsa says :

    Pretty and charm work!

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