Canada’s Fastest Drummer.

This weekend I became Canada’s Fastest Drummer. I was at a drumming seminar and there was a booth (Drumpure) which had a machine that can measure drummers’ speed. It works by counting down 60 seconds, and records how many times you tap the surface in those 60 seconds.

*Drum Nerd Terminology Ahead*

In this case it was a traditional grip contest. My first attempt was the winning one – 898 alternating-hand single strokes in 60 seconds. Fast, but in the grand scheme of things…not that fast. I know a couple of drummers around the world who could easily beat that number (in fact Jim Kilpatrick crushed it the next day…but he’s not Canadian).

Although we both have funny accents.

Although we both have funny accents.












*SUPER Nerd-y Terminology Ahead*

FYI I did it with the Moeller technique. After thinking about it though, I’m faster with finger techniques that I fool around with (lol) sometimes. In retrospect, why didn’t I do that instead? Perhaps I had the dumb that day.

ANYwaaaaaay…do you have to be the fastest to be a good musician? Hells no. Is this just a macho, bragging rights type-of-thing? Pretty much. Am I really the fastest in the country? Nah. Can some other Canadian drummer beat my number? Definitely.

My point?



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