Metallica Go Indie.

We all know Metallica have made some big mistakes in their career, but this isn’t one of them.

Just after Metallica got huge in the early 90’s they managed to make a deal with their label where they’d own all their masters when the deal expired. That day came last week.

Now, there was no way they could have predicted the death of record labels or the internet or anything like that, but that was some foresight right there. They’re now free to remix/remaster/do nothing with their entire catalogue.

Anyway what really interests me is to see what they’ll do now that they’re no longer on a label. Metallica have a lot going for them. Excellent “brand recognition” (dirty words, I know), massive worldwide fanbase, consistently high selling tours, huge merch hauls (everyone I know had a Metallica shirt at some point).

I wanna see what their first move will be.

Conclusion #1: The future of rock probably means the middle man is gone. Band => Fan.

Conclusion #2: Way more people know who Metallica are than who I am. Indie is easier for them than it is for smaller bands (like The Complete) as they already have a huge fanbase. How do I get more fans? Answer: make better music.

Related Observation: I think Megadeth have a deal that expires soon too…

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