I don’t watch the 24 hours news cycle. I don’t listen to Top 40 radio. Yet somehow I still know details of Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Swift’s personal lives.

And I couldn’t care less. Lohan gets in a fight? Throw the idiot in prison like you’d do to the rest of us. Taylor Swift gets her heart broken? As if that’s never happened to anyone before.

But I know less about pop-tart celebrities now than I ever did. You see, old media’s reach is not as extensive now as if once was. I have options. I read the news, just not CNN or Fox. I listen to more music than you, just not Billboard’s Top Whatever.

The rise of the internet is the rise of choice. And that’s what really troubles the RIAA and MPAA, not ‘piracy’. Your entertainment money isn’t going into their pockets anymore. Why should it? Hollywood remakes and junk-food, sound-alike music? Thanks, but I’d rather pay $30 to see Alkaline Trio than $30 (tix and food) to see the same Transformers movie over and over.

The old guard is losing our attention with the same old, same old. The future of entertainment belongs to the great writers, the great singers, the great songwriters, the great PERFORMERS.

Quality will win in the long run. The Stones are celebrating 50 years. Where’s Miley Cyrus?

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