DIY Music Videos

Wanna know how much it cost to put together the video for “Fly Away“?

Nine dollars.

And that was for the drum kit rental.

Fly Away and Hey You were experiments. I wanted to see if I could make YouTube-quality videos with materials that I had on hand. Turns out I can. That’s a major confidence boost and experience raiser. I’m now able to make the music I want to make AND have near total control over the related artwork (ie the videos).

FYI I won’t be making ALL of The Complete’s future videos in-house, it’s just super convenient. It’s great to know that I CAN if I want to. (“Dream” and “The Things You Say” had a proper crew and budget, and the upcoming video for “Run” did as well)

This is such an amazing time to be alive. If you have access to a computer and an internet connection you can learn to do anything. No excuses, the world is at our fingertips.

About Kevin Williams

Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

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