Taylor Swift

Rolling Stone is reporting that Taylor Swift collaborated on her new album with some of the hitmakers du jour.

I’m a little disappointed to hear that. Now, I’ll bet the record is great (I haven’t heard it yet). But Swift has already proved that she knows how to write a song. By going down this new path she throws her hat in with evvvveeeeerrrrryyyyybody else in Top 40 these days.

Why is that a problem? Because the artists’ have to ditch their original style and morph into whatever is popular today. Case in point: Nicki Minaj. Have a look at what she was originally doing:

Compared to now:

That’s after RedOne got ahold of Minaj. Does she sell zillions of singles? Yes. Is she gonna be around when tastes change in a few years? Harder to answer.

Now I’m sure that Taylor Swift isn’t going to be collaborating with David Guetta featuring Adam Levine w/Pitbull. But by going the route of working with the tastemakers she’s limiting herself to what’s popular at the moment.

And I think that’s a tactical error. No doubt Swift’s record will be HUGE, but what about the next one? And the one after that? What if tastes have shifted by then, will she have to shift with them? I’m willing to bet that her own stuff will age better than anything done as flavour-of-the-month.

But she’s playing by the rules. The rules of her handlers and the old system in general. “Do what sold lots of records for someone else 2 years ago”.

Taylor, you’re too big a talent for that.


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