In Defence of Nickelback

NO I DO NOT LIKE NICKELBACK. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Then where am I going with this? Read on.

Do you use twitter? Have a favourite blog? Do you go to Pitchfork for album reviews? Use tumblr? Text your friends?

Then Nickelback is not for you. They’re not for me. Nickelback is for the 39 year old lawyer who goes to one concert/year. They’re for the group of nurses who want a night out. They’re for people with disposable income, who are a little older than the tastemakers and therefore blissfully unaware of the Nickelback hating apparatus that is the internet. They’re for people who still buy CD’s. They’re for people who want to Rock and Roll but have to be up early tomorrow for that important meeting.

More importantly, not only are those people unaware of the near universal level of hatred for Nickelback on the internet…they wouldn’t care anyway. MOMMA’S GOING OUT AND HAVING A GOOD TIME.

And also, who cares if anyone likes Nickelback? I’m not going to any of their shows and I’m not buying the records. I’ll save my money for The Black Keys tyvm.

You and I can hate them all we want but Nickelback will still carry on, totally immune to criticism….to the tune of half a million dollars/show.


So let’s not waste our time on them, but by looking at pictures of cats and naked people instead. YAY INTERNET!


About Kevin Williams

Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

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