The Octomom is now a musician

TMZ is reporting that the Octomom is now a musician. You can listen to her terrible song on their website.

Music is a joke. Are you the least bit famous? Maybe S someone’s D on camera once? Then guess what? You too can be a musician! Don’t play an instrument? Don’t sing? Don’t know how to program beats? Don’t worry about it! Look at this fucking thing:

Just whip out your tits or bang a famous actress and voila, music career. Fuck if I’d have known that I’d have never picked up a guitar, just unzipped my pants and had a go at someone famous.

Now I’d normally not give a shit about something as lame as that, but that Octomom person will get lots of attention for this (mostly bad). And we’re in an attention economy. I released a song last week and it rocks. Not the best song anyone’s ever written, but it’s better than the Octomom’s. And guess how many people will hear it? Waaaaaay less people than’ll hear her song.

Am I annoyed? Yes. But the world owes me nothing. The cool thing about my song is that the people who hear it are people who are paying attention to me because they (hopefully) like what I do. The Octomom will never be able to say that.

Conclusion 1: The only thing I know how to do is be a musician. However far I can take this will only be because of me and my music, nothing else. I didn’t blow a famous singer (like Kim K), get famous myself and then decide I’m a musician. While people like that might make zillions of dollars by selling perfume and shit, at least I can fucking say that everything I’ve ever gotten was because of my talent and not my dick.

Conclusion 2: The attention both those songs will get/got is mostly negative. Maybe it’s best that I don’t get that kind of attention at this early stage in the game. Rebecca Black is famous, but it’s not for a good reason.

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