The Amusing Situation with The Oatmeal

There’s currently a bit of a shit storm taking place over at The Oatmeal, and it is hilarious/awesome. I won’t re-hash the story here, you can read it for yourself on The Oatmeal.

The best part about all this is the lawyer that FunnyJunk hired. I know this type of lawyer, a special kind of cunt. Musicians have been getting reamed by assholes like this for decades. Overprivileged, over entitled, over indulgent. Masters of the universe since 2nd year law school. Bullies.

They use the threat of lawsuits to get what they want. And it works. No one wants to tangle with these guys in court, so they settle. They’re accustomed to fucking whoever they want, drinking/sniffing whatever they want, threatening whoever they want and totally getting away with it because they ARE the law. They stand on the backs of the poor and the ignorant.

So some dicknozzle tries that on Matt Inman (The Oatmeal guy) and lo and behold it blows up in his face.

The lesson here? Maybe we don’t have roll over and take it.

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