Last weekend I got the chance to check out the band Sheezer. They’re an all-girl Weezer cover band, and yes it’s as awesome as it sounds.

During the show something struck me. The crowd was super into the music (myself included) more so than any other show I’d seen in St. John’s in a while. I realized the reason for it: THE SONGS.

Sheezer only play songs from the first two Weezer albums (the Blue Album and Pinkerton). That’s pretty telling. Those records were full of good songs, something that you can’t really say about Weezer’s later stuff.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SONG! Great verses that lead into even better chorus’. Weezer did that really well in the beginning. The Beatles did it all the time. Nirvana did it better than anyone in the 90’s. Top 40 tries to do it.  The best DJ’s can pick the best parts of the best songs and make something pretty cool out of it. Girl Talk anyone?

Most of the bands spamming my twitter account with “buy my song from iTunes” don’t have the chorus’. Or the verses. Or the BRIDGES.

Sheezer know it’s all about the song.

(NOTE -they play them well too. Very important.)

I hear a lot of first draft-y, potential good ideas from bands. Not enough fully fledged, fleshed out tunes.

New bands! Make it about the song and you’ll stand out from almost everyone else at the same level…and make us take notice.


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