Spamming People With Your Music.

(I posted this comment over on Alex Skolnick’s excellent blog post about bands spamming you with mp3’s.)

I’m in a band. I’m just like anyone else, trying to claw my way out of obscurity.

However, once I started twittering, Facebooking, myspacing, etc I noticed right away how much I was getting hit with spam from other bands. It was (and is) ANNOYING AS HELL and I never listened to ANY of them. Even today, some band just posted a link to their stuff on my facebook page, totally unsolicited. Did I check them out? Hells no. My twitter DM’s are filled up with the same kind of thing, to the point where the legitimate DM’s from friends get lost in the clutter.

So the lesson I take from it? Spam just pisses people off, and pissed off people are not going to become fans.

What to do then? I read Lefsetz too, and I agree with him 100% on this. If nobody knows who I am/cares about my music, then my music is not good enough yet. I’ll be the first one to admit it: the world owes me nothing.

Lefsetz has got me thinking. Metallica, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Kiss, you guys, Nirvana, Rise Against, The Black Keys are all examples of bands who busted their asses in dive joints honing their craft before anyone gave a shit about them. THAT’s the model to try and emulate says I.

After typing that I feel the need to go practice. A lot.

About Kevin Williams

Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

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