Gold and Girls

I had an epiphany this week: I’m never going to be rich.

Bankers are rich. The CEO’s of drug companies are rich. Jay-Z is rich.

I play rock and roll.

Now I didn’t get into this game because I wanted to get rich. I do it because I’ve always known it was what I would do with my life. But still, part of me hoped that it’d be velvet ropes and guitars. Limos and pools. Driving 10 Ferraris and foursomes with European princesses. That’s the rock star life isn’t it?

But it’s not. Rock and roll is a dirty, greasy, disgusting business. Clawing your way out of the gutter. Fighting obscurity. Disappointment, depression, loneliness, addiction. One step above prostitution. THAT’s rock and roll.

Ferraris and threesomes? Hell what I really want is a Corolla and a girl who’s funny.

I’m never going to be banker rich.

Admitting that to myself is liberating.


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About Kevin Williams

Frontman of The Complete/Occasional Actor/Newfoundlander.

3 responses to “Gold and Girls”

  1. C W says :

    I remember a makeup artist once saying that artist are artist because they don’t have a choice. They have to create to be happy. A bit of money along the way would be nice too though!

  2. C W says :


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